July What’s Up

Summer is flying by! We’ve been enjoying it, and are gearing up for the 2012 Fremont Art and Wine Festival – more details on that will be coming soon. Make sure you are following us on Facebook for updates. We hope to see you there! In the meantime, here are the great finds from the BIG team:

The new Nike NFL uniforms have been revealed, and Barbara shared how the branding was caught by these receiver gloves.  The gloves feature an interlocking logo design printed across the palms.  Can’t wait to check them out when the season starts.  (Go Niners!)

It’s a rare occassion that brings Chava to McD’s, but leave it to him to find an interesting package design while he was there.  The McBites popcorn chicken comes in a carton that conveniently folds open to hold the sauce.  The team discussed the possibility that this package was Asian inspired, in both the product and the structure design.

Check out these ice cream bars that Ying shared with us!  Not only do we love the branding, we think it’s super cool that they printed right on the ice cream.  You can find the location of their boutique ice cream shops at www.bardotbars.com

For more information on Packaging Design, visit http://welovebig.blogspot.in/.

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